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magnetoplan® -Innovationen erhalten gleich 3 Auszeichnungen für exzellentes Produkt-Design
magnetoplan® innovations win further design awards - now triple winner of the "German Innovation Award 2020".
Mobile and always ready to hand: our award-winning design magnetoplan® tools
magnetoplan® Infinity Wall wins "Best of Best" in interior design
magnetoplan® was once again able to prove its design competence and received the German Design Award 2020 for three products at once.
magnetoplan® Infinity Wall "Best of Best" in interior design
magnetoplan® product innovations receive three "German Design Award 2020" awards
This year, both brands of Holtz Office Support GmbH from Wiesbaden have again received the award of the German Design Council.
Christopher Holtz-Kathan, managing partner of HOLTZ OFFICE SUPPORT GmbH Wiesbaden, expresses his 3 wishes for Europe.
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