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easyboard 65`` 4K, 1425 x 804 mm

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easyboard Interactive TouchScreen Monitors For dynamic, lively and exciting... more

"easyboard 65`` 4K, 1425 x 804 mm" - Product information

easyboard Interactive TouchScreen Monitors

For dynamic, lively and exciting communication of content during planning, meetings, presentations as well as in the classroom.

Display content

Image display is a key element of every presentation and lesson. The second is interacting with the displayed content: taking quick notes, drawing diagrams or saving ideas are as important as the image itself. The interactive monitor is great for a wide range of users. It works with the Android system, has an OPS slot for a mini PC, and has a number of basic interfaces for external devices. The image is displayed with a minimum size of 55 inches and a resolution of 4K/UHD. All models up to 86" come with wall mount included.


There are many features and enhancements that make an interactive monitor more than just a TV with touch controls:

  • Tempered protective glass
    With an interactive monitor, protecting the sensitive matrix is critical to the life of the device. In a school or conference room, this allows users to stay focused on their work, even during lively collaboration.
  • Professional LCD screen matrices
    Using interactive monitors will extend the lifespan. They are ideal for continuous use for many hours. Due to their wide viewing angle, the image can be seen perfectly.
  • Robust housing
    Similar to the protective glass, the case of the interactive monitor is designed to provide a modern look on the one hand and security for the components inside on the other.
  • Built-in Android system
    An important element is the Android system. This allows the touch display to be operated without a connected PC. The functionality of this device is also supported by pre-installed programs.



With this whiteboard feature, you can write conveniently. Pens and colors can be changed easily. Shapes can be easily inserted. Entire objects can be moved and dragged.


Software to record image, sound and lectures. Users can record the desktop, the image from the camera, or both. Built-in and intuitive editing studio allows quick upload to the cloud.


Two-way communication between a mobile device and a Windows PC. Users can mirror desktops in both directions, control PowerPoint presentations, and use a mobile device for visualization or as a touchpad.


Transfer and edit content from a USB-connected document camera directly to the display.

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